Hands for Change is a space for the articulation of efforts for the construction and development of social projects, channeling human, technical and financial resources of allies such as international cooperation agencies, state and government entities of any territorial order and multinational companies of the United States.

Part of our work is to guide and support companies in the formulation of high impact projects in the field of social investment, which contains the characteristics of the company and which enables the achievement of its objectives in an effective manner, maximizing the collective impact of the initiatives for both the companies and the communities involved.

We listen to the companies

  • Programs of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Policies and objectives.

  • Guidelines for social investment.

We articulate with allies

•Other companies with similar


•International Cooperation


•Public entities.

We choose who implements

We search and choose the most suitable implementer, with trajectory and installed capacity to carry out social processes

We monitor and evaluate the projects

•Monitoring permanent execution.

•Measure of impacts.

•Permanent Communication

•Divulgation of results.




Through the education program, Hands for Change seeks the integration of economic and human resources from various sources, to develop projects that help guide the skills of young people who are in the last years of their basic academic education.


Through training in technological resources and basic skills such as assertive communication, leadership, management, teamwork and professional image, students are guided so that they can align their skills and successfully link to the labor market either through formal employment or entrepreneurship.


The beneficiaries of the program are students of public schools located in zones of settlement of vulnerable communities, who are trained to strengthen the development of their personal abilities.






In Colombia there are millions of people in situations of exclusion, vulnerability, low educational levels and few opportunities to access the formal labor market. The unemployment rate for vulnerable populations registers higher averages than in social sectors that are not: victims of the armed conflict, ethnic groups, young people and women are some of the population sectors with precarious means of subsistence and, consequently, high levels of unemployment.

People from these social groups face multiple obstacles to access quality formal employment, most of which are associated with lack of training for skilled work, for this reason Hands for Change with the support of ACDI / VOCA has created a program that unites and articulates American companies to contribute to the country's progress and support the post-conflict by generating opportunities for social and economic inclusion through technical training for employment and support  in the search for labor opportunities.

This program is endowed with a strong component of psychosocial support for the strengthening of mental and emotional health that represents a guide to live a successful process of reconciliation, which guides personal abilities towards the consolidation of a viable and sustainable life project.



Ecociencia is the Business Recycling Program developed by Hands for Change, dedicated to promoting an ecological culture, proper management of solid waste and reuse of recyclable material in companies nationwide, contributing to the generation of new organizational structures aware of the importance of the conservation of a healthy environment.


We work in partnership with other specialized entities that are committed to fostering the same values ​​that drive us:



Private  organization with social and environmental sense that works in the implementation of communal and inclusive recycling models, provides technical support to companies for the implementation of effective recycling strategies, bring together public and private actors to respond to the requirements of current regulations in the implementation of plans for Integral Waste Management and Extended Product Liability - REP.


Asociación de Recicladores de Bogotá

Bogota Recyclers Association is a social organization that brings together about 9000 recyclers by trade, works for the social organization and the common interests of this union, supporting  and representing them legally and professionally. It offers recycling services at the source, integral management of solid waste and destruction of files and confidential elements.


Ecociencia has the added value of converting recyclable material from companies into a valuable resource for sponsoring social interventions. We receive solid waste as a donation, the material is sold to the industry and these resources are transformed into opportunities for vulnerable communities through our education, entrepreneurship, health and empowerment programs.


If this program is of interest to your company, contact us by email,, we will schedule a meeting to expand the information.





The corporate volunteering program is a means through which employees of companies share their knowledge with the aim of developing and strengthening skills in young people so that they can effectively access the demands of the labor market.

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