CEA Foundation was created in 2007 with the funding of the Council of American Enterprises - CEA and the support of the affiliated companies. Its essential purpose has been to create programs and projects that benefit the most vulnerable communities in Colombia as part of the commitments of Corporate Social Responsibility of the American Companies in Colombia.

During the first 10 years, CEA Foundation develop programs focused on:

  • Education: Training young people from vulnerable communities in technical and soft skills for work.

  • Salud: Donate orthopedic prosthesis for lower limbs and supporting the adaptation process.

  • Reciclaje: Generating a responsible environmental culture in the companies associated with CEA, through the proper management of solid waste and reuse of recyclable material.


For the year 2016, the country faced a particular historical reality based on the development of the Havana peace agreements. CEA identified the opportunity to contribute to the social changes facing Colombia and proposed to strengthen the social investment efforts of affiliated companies through the leverage of resources aimed at generating  greater impact and progress for a country that came out of a long period of conflict and begins to build a peaceful future.

Hands for Change is a structure dedicated to:

  • The identification of opportunities among companies in order to promote working together.

  • The construction of alliances between companies to develop high impact social projects.

  • Management of public and international cooperating agencies resources.

  • Provides technical support to the American companies in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the projects.

Our Mission

Channeling social investment and the efforts of US companies affiliated with the Council of American Enterprises facilitating their work together. To enhance the social impact of their programs and achieve development in Colombia through reconciliation and the construction of peaceful  and prosperous nation. Focusing on the improvement of livelihoods, formal education, health and empowerment, through the use of technology and innovation.

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Bogotá D.C. - Colombia.